by CaseyAnn

Fish Eaters, based on my perusing, appears to be a wonderfully faithful Catholic site dedicated to promoting the traditionalist Faith. In the section for Protestants, there is a challenge consisting of questions about Scripture and history. A sort of D-I-Y, it looks like great fun! (Et en français aussi! I’m excited to do that version. :-)

In other news, Fr. Z has a post about the (inadvertent?) implications of Pope Francis’s Holy Thursday move — including women in the washing of the feet. After some confusion while reading it, especially since I’m not really familiar with Fr. Z’s blog, I found myself even more confused after checking the commenters’ interpretations. I gather he’s being ironic by finding hope through this in that the priests and laity of a conservative bent will seek out the form of the Roman rite that explicitly excludes the nonsense the Novus Ordo propagates, which is, of course, the Tridentine Mass.

Liturgical law prescribes that only men (viri in Latin) can be chosen for that rite. Priests who want to adhere to the law will find themselves facing fierce opposition by liberals demanding that women be included. Bishops will be hard-pressed to explain how priests should keep to the liturgical law when the Pope himself flouts it. By including women, the Pope has cast all liturgical laws into the hazard.

Anyway, I’m late in ‘catching’ the news about the pope because, unless placed directly in front of me, I simply don’t pay attention to this stuff. An observation on Gornahoor rang true to me, especially in these vile times: “Although I am not too concerned with the specifics of the who, what, and where, it is nevertheless important that the seat be filled.” The earthly essentials remain, and they shall until the end of time. Forgive me if underneath my vagueness there seems to be little care for all the misguided souls and those to come; I have only learned to put little faith in man.

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